Poundstretcher Branch Fined £12,000 for Putting Workers at Risk

Supervisors and managers need to be aware of the legal problems that can arise if they fail to upkeep your health and safety policies and procedures. Without excellent management you and your company face real risks of being prosecuted by the HSE, along with putting your employees and the public at risk of being hurt or even killed due to the failings.

A recent example of this can be seen after the Grimsby Pound-stretcher Extra store was recently taken to court by the Health and Safety Executive. The inspectors carried out a check last year and they found that the workers were being put at risk because of poor stock management and a lack of organisation. The warehouse was overstocked and as a result the stairs and the walkways were all being used for storage.

Pleaded Guilty for Breaching Law

The company had received earlier warnings and despite having been given time to correct the dangers they had failed to do so by the time of the inspection in December.

Although there had been no accidents the HSE prosecuted and the boss of the company pleaded guilty to breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The risk of slips, trips and falls had been significantly increased and therefore the firm was fined £12,000 and must also pay £2,473 in court costs.

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