Stress is a Common Work-related Issue

Stress in the Workplace

Stress is a common work-related issue and yet it can be simple to put processes and practices in place that can combat work related stress for you and your employees. Reducing the overall number of sick days should be a self-evident bonus for any business. This can keep productivity levels up and has the advantage of fostering a greater sense of well-being in the workplace.

Employees who feel supported by their organisation are far more likely to remain with that employer. Making sure employees have a voice and can share what they think could be areas to look at or improve can considerably reduce workplace injuries and motive at the same time, also having a positive effect on mental health.

Stress Related Courses

Lots of business provide mental wellbeing support to employees to help manage stress among other areas. Examples of the impact of stress at work include the fact that since 2014 nearly 100,000 NHS staff have taken at least one month off due to long term stress and the need to rest and recuperate. Its also hard for people to discuss which is why openness is vital, according to surveys a low percentage of people would feel conformable discussing mental illness and stress to colleagues which only makes the situation worse for the individual.

Wellbeing Courses

There’s also the financial benefit, it costs UK employers approximately £42 billion per year as a result of sickness, stress, loss in motivation and productivity and staff turnover which shows how imperative it is to be adequately trained and having the facilities in place to counter these negative effects.

Managing Sickness Courses

Having employees who are trained in different areas coming together for a health and safety team can have a profound positive affect on the company as well, everyone in the company has different skills and works in different departments, with the adequate training this means you can be covered for environmental, occupational, health and every other facet of safety.

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