Three Units to Achieve the Construction Certificate from NEBOSH

NEBOSH Construction Certificate Units

Safety management is all important in the construction industry. The industry is one of the most dangerous in the UK and therefore health and safety must be managed effectively each day.

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate will help anyone who is in a role of responsibility and who are required to make decision throughout the day. The certificate requires approximately 12 to 14 days of training. The syllabus has been split into three units.

Unit one is focused on managing health and safety, the second revolves around managing controlling hazards during the activities performed in construction and unit three is about the practical application of health and safety. Here's how they have been broken down:

Managing Health and Safety

First of all you will look at the foundations of health and safety, the policy and how to organise in the workplace. A lot of detail is focused on risk assessments and how to control hazards. Risk assessments help to identify the hazards before any work commences. From their control measures are introduced to eliminate the risks or put procedures in place to minimise the risk to employees and the public. The act of reviewing and auditing is then looked at as well as ensuring the workforce is aware of the health and safety risks and are committed to following the health and safety policies and procedures that are introduced. Finally you'll learn about incident and accident investigations.

Managing and Controlling Hazards

This unit looks at laws and management as well as the hazards and controls in different types of activities such as vehicle movement and work equipment. The other subjects covered include:
  • Fires
  • Electrical
  • Chemical and biological
  • Physical
  • Working at height
  • Excavations
  • Physiological
  • Demolition

Practical Application

This is the unit which will evaluate everything you have learnt in units one and two. You will need to perform a safety inspection and write up your findings in a report. If you pass the practical application you will receive the NEBOSH Construction Certificate.

This certificate also opens other doors as if you hold the qualification and have five years of health and safety experience you can acquire the Technician status from IOSH.

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