What is the NEBOSH Open Book Exam (OBE)?

The NEBOSH Open Book Exam (OBE) is a specific format of examination introduced by NEBOSH in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The traditional in-person written examinations were temporarily replaced by the Open Book Exam format to ensure the safety of candidates and examiners.

In the NEBOSH Open Book Exam:

  1. Open Book: As the name suggests, it is an open book exam, allowing candidates to refer to textbooks, notes, and other materials during the examination.

  2. Time-limited: Candidates are provided with a specific amount of time (typically 24 or 48 hours) to complete the exam. This includes reading the questions, researching and preparing answers, and submitting the responses.

  3. Scenario-based: The exam often presents candidates with real-world scenarios or case studies related to health, safety, and environmental management. Candidates are then required to analyse the situation, apply their knowledge, and provide detailed responses.

  4. Online Submission: Candidates typically submit their exam responses electronically through an online platform.

It's important to check the most recent information on NEBOSH's official website or contact NEBOSH directly for the latest updates, as examination formats and policies may evolve over time.

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