Extend Your Skills with NEBOSH Training

Having a work force that is highly efficient when it comes to health and safety is beneficial to everyone in the company. One of the ways to improve your own skills or the abilities of your employees is to sign up for NEBOSH courses.

There are many different courses to choose from for all different sectors and industries. With the right knowledge behind you and all those you employ you can reduce costs relating to illnesses, injuries and accidents and avoid problems with the Health and Safety Executive.

If you work in construction you will already be aware of the high risks that surround you, but are your employees?

Have you provided the right information and education that will prevent accidents at work and improve the wellbeing of all those within your organisation?

If not you may find the NEBOSH Construction Certificate or NEBOSH Construction Certificate (conversion) to be of great interest. This is a course that covers a lot of information and topics that are aimed at those who have some responsibility within your organisation, such as yourself, your managers, supervisors or any employees that have responsibilities in the decisions processes within your firm.

During the training the candidates learning is focused around three topics that have been split up into units:

  • Management of health and safety
  • Managing and controlling hazards in construction
  • The practical application in construction health and safety

Within each unit there are smaller sections that are studied including risk assessments, investigating accidents, reviews and audits, hazards, construction law and the practical assignment that involves completing a safety inspection.

Beyond Construction

NEBOSH don’t only offer courses that are centred on the construction industry. They have other courses available to business owners and employees on various levels.

The NEBOSH General Certificate is for an occupational health and safety qualification, which is also broken down into three units. The qualification is suitable for managers, personnel and those with health and safety responsibilities.

Additional ideas for further training opportunities include:

Why NEBOSH training is a Great Choice

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health is a highly recommended examination body. They were founded in 1979 and their qualifications are recognised all over the world. The courses are available all over the country at various learning centres, colleges and via distance learning.

If you have anyone in your firm who requires training it’s a good idea to choose NEBOSH. You will find the courses start at various times throughout the year, with no need to wait for extended periods before your worker can get started. Within a short timeframe the candidates will be applying their newly found skills within your organisation for the benefit of your entire work force. There are many NEBOSH training opportunities ideal for all industries and employees. Find out more and improve your health and safety management.

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