Gain a Fire Certificate and Skills from NEBOSH

There are many dangerous substances found in different workplaces that pose fire risks. These dangerous substances include items such as petrol paints, varnish and LPG. When mixed with air it is sometimes possible for dangerous substances to cause explosive atmospheres.

There are fire risks in every business premises and therefore it is essential that you undertake fire safety training to comply with the laws and reduce the risks that are caused in these life threatening situations. Being prepared for fire is one of the ways that businesses can work to keep their employees and visitors safe.

You can learn about introducing safety procedures by attending the NEBOSH Fire Certificate. The course has been designed for managers and supervisors and will give each delegate vital skills required for essential fire risk assessments along with protective and preventative measures that can be applied and followed in the workplace.

The aim of the course is to give those attending the course excellent skills in the following areas:

  • Advising on preventing fire from spreading in buildings
  • How to create and maintain a fire evacuation procedure
  • Learning what can cause fires or explosions at work
  • Learning how to introduce control measures at work
  • Learning and understanding the fire investigation procedures
  • Gaining a complete understanding of the legal framework relating to fire health and safety laws

The NEBOSH Fire Certificate is excellent for managers and supervisors as well as business owners. On the last day of the course all candidates have to complete an on-site workplace fire risk assessment. This assessment can help to spot any issues in your own place of work and can be used to help identify any areas of weakness that could do with improving. This is of great benefit to the employer as well as the candidate.

At the end of the training those who pass the training will be provided with an accredited fire certificate and qualification. The certificate can be used to show the skills that have been obtained and are useful for any CV or company looking to comply with current health and safety laws relating to fire safety.

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