Fire Certificate Training for Your Managers

Businesses in the UK need to follow the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order of 2005. The order was introduced in 2006 and it replaced many of the old fire safety laws. All commercial and non-domestic premises are covered by the order and all of the laws included apply to you if you are either:

  1. The owner of a business premises or are responsible for one
  2. You are an employer
  3. You are responsible for a part of a property used only for business
  4. You are a charity
  5. You're self-employed
  6. Put up paying guests
  7. Have a level of control over a premises as a contractor

Businesses need to be aware of fire safety and know how to reduce the risks, deal with problems effectively and know how to perform risk assessments which are required by law. If you are an employer, a manager or supervisor training is essential to make sure you are following the laws and applying sensible precautionary measures.

NEBOSH Fire Certificate Training

The NEBOSH Fire Certificate is an excellent qualification designed for anyone with a role in fire health and safety. The course is broken down into three units which cover:
  • Health and safety management
  • Risk management and fire safety
  • Practical fire risk assessment
Candidates will learn all the laws and the legal framework surrounding fire in the workplace and also find out about the following topics:
  • How to use a fire risk assessment to see if control measures are accurate and identify the level of risk
  • Developing and applying a fire evacuation procedure
  • Learning about prevention of fires and the spread of fires within a building
  • The principles of ignition and explosion
  • Investigation procedures
  • Causes of fires and explosions
  • Applying control measures which will reduce the risks

NEBOSH is the awarding body of the fire certificate, a nationally recognised qualification targeted at mangers, supervisors and business owners.

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