IOSH Safety Training for Senior Executives

It's not only your workforces who need to have health and safety training. Business owners and executives higher up in the company have to be aware of the legal and moral implications regarding the health and safety within the organisation. Being aware of the laws and expectations it is possible to put in place safe methods of work and strong policies for your workforce to follow. By doing so it is possible to reduce the risks and try to build a very strong and positive health and safety culture within the company.

Receive Excellent Training in Just One Day

Executives may not have much time available to them for training purposes; however it is possible to receive high standards of training in just one day. The IOSH Safety for Senior Executives & Directors course has been created for high level managers, even without any other training in health and safety issues. The course consists of educating the candidates in financial implications as well as the moral and legal issues. By the end of the course senior managers and executives will be aware and have a complete understanding of:
  • Health and safety starting at the top of the management ladder and works down throughout the company
  • The problems working conditions can cause to employees health and the financial implications of accidents
  • The health and safety law including the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations
  • Industry relevant regulations
  • Penalties including corporate manslaughter
  • Documents required for safety legislation
  • Causes of accidents
  • Assessments of risks and the law
  • Risk assessments and the principles
  • Competent person appointment and their function and purpose

Assessment and the IOSH

All managers and senior executives who undertake the training will need to pass the assessment paper which is provided at the end of the training. The IOSH Safety for Senior Executives certificate is awarded to everyone who passes the assessment and is awarded by the IOSH. The IOSH are the only chartered body of health and safety and their qualifications are fully recognised. There are over 40,000 members of the IOSH who were established in 1945.

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