Selling Alcohol in England and Wales

Selling alcohol at parties, work premises or in shops is a great way of making some more income. If you are looking to expand into a new venture involving the selling of alcoholic beverages you will need to have a license. Without the right license you will be breaking the law and therefore risk being prosecuted. If you are serious about your new venture you will require training in order to increase the chances of being awarded the National Award for Personal License Holders.

There is no way of obtaining an alcohol license unless you have passed an accredited examination that has been given approval from the Secretary of State. Finding a suitable course isn't hard, just look for the Award for Personal License Holders. This APLH course has been given the approval of the Secretary of State and it will provide you with some excellent information regarding your legal duties and how to apply for the National Certificate for Personal License Holders.

What Do You Learn?

You will be provided with a lot of information regarding the legal duties of anyone who serves and sells alcohol. The content of the training includes:
  • Understanding what will happen if you breach the laws by selling to under 18's
  • Knowing your responsibilities when it comes to preventing disorderly behaviour in a licensed premises
  • Know what the prohibitions are when selling alcoholic drinks
  • What power you hold
  • What your role is and what the roles of the licensing bodies are
  • Understand why a license is required
  • What happens if you don't have a license and you start or continue to sell alcohol

By attending the course and passing an examination you will show that you have met the demands of the Secretary of State when you come to apply for your license.

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