What are the Benefits of Training Your Staff in Health and Safety?

Accidents and poor health happen as a result of bad health and safety management in the work place. This is why it is vital that you provide training to your managers and supervisors and to every member of staff that enters your organisation. Managers have a lot of responsibility sitting on their shoulders so it is essential that the training they receive is suitable for their role.

One of the best options to consider is sending your managers and supervisors on the IOSH Managing Safely course. While there will be some expense when providing an opportunity to learn and gain a health and safety qualification the benefits outweigh these costs quite dramatically.

Incentives to Provide Training

As an employer you have to do everything that is practicably reasonable to prevent accidents and ill health at work under the Health and Safety at Work Act. If you fail to take steps to prevent problems you will face prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). One of the steps you can take to prevent prosecution and accidents is to provide the right training for each person within your organisation.

Showing you have taken all the necessary steps to train and maintain health and safety at work may prevent legal costs, court fines and a potential custodial sentence.

Your workers will be less likely to be harmed at work or contract an illness or disease caused by work or the working conditions. As a result you will be a good employer with a team of able people behind you working at their best.

You are less likely to have to pay for absences that are caused by poor health and safety management.

Your managers and supervisors will be confident in their role and actively take the necessary steps necessary by law.

If you choose the IOSH Managing Safely training your employees will be qualified with a recognised qualification.

As you can see there are many benefits to be found when you ensure that your employees are appropriately trained. There are lots of different courses to choose from but the managing safely course teaches the laws and the legal responsibilities that fall on the shoulders of the candidates. As a result this will show them that they need to pay attention to this role and do what they can to prevent accidents and incidents through strong management.

The course also teaches the importance of spotting hazards at work and how to perform risk assessments. These are both lifesaving skills that each and every manager needs.

Take Action and Reap the Benefits

There is no need to live in fear of prosecution or worry that one of your staff will be injured at work. Provide the right training to your employees and managers and create strong policies and procedures that protect you and everyone that works for you. Stop taking risks with the lives of your employees. The IOSH Managing Safely training is an excellent course for managers and supervisors.

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