CDM Coordinator Training

Construction Design & Management (CDM)

Anyone working in the construction industry has a high level of health and safety responsibilities on their shoulders. Not only is it important to be aware of your own actions and behaviour to keep you and others safe, but you also have to play a part in reducing the industry's record when it comes to injuries, incidents and fatalities.

When working on a notable project you will need a CDM Coordinator who will have specific duties within the project.

CDM training is required for this role. The main responsibilities of the CDM Coordinator are to provide advice to the client and assist them in their own duties. The HSE have to be notified about the project too and this lies with the coordinator. In addition to this the coordinator must cooperate with everyone working on the project and make sure health and safety of the design is synchronised.

Furthermore the responsibility of preparing and updating the health and safety file, liaising with principle contractors, working on building excellent communication between contractors, clients and designers as well as identifying, collecting and passing on details of the pre-construction information is all down to the CDM coordinator too.

The CDM Training

If you are a planning supervisor looking to move into the role of a coordinator you will need to have training. The course will provide you with skills and a qualification that will allow you to understand what is required by you. Planning supervisors are not the only ones who will benefit from this training opportunity; it's also an excellent course for designers, clients and contractors too. One of the main purposes of the CDM training is to ensure that each delegate understands their responsibilities as required by the CDM Regulations. All those who successfully complete the training will gain excellent skills such as:
  • Give clients advice on their legal duties
  • Understand risk assessments; coordinate and assess the risk assessments given by others
  • Determine the component parts of a safety plan
  • Understand the project in relation to the two stage test

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