Minimising Risk Through Education

Health and safety should be a key priority in any business environment and therefore training and measures should be utilised to protect employees and visitors. However there are some industries such as construction where the safety of employees and site visitors should be monitored more closely. This is because there are a greater number of serious risks present on a construction site than in say a small office. Because of this increased rate of risk it is paramount that employers encourage training and support in their businesses to improve levels of health and safety.

The dangers found on a construction site can have extreme consequences for those present on the site and many of these stem from poor health and safety management or a lack of training. Safety measures and adequate health and safety training must be available to all managers and supervisors to help them to monitor and ultimately minimise the level of risk in that industry sector.

Understanding the Law

It is important that employers understand fully the laws and health and safety regulations to ensure that they know how to operate within those guidelines.

Without sufficient knowledge regarding these laws an employer could be prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). This is because that individual is breaching health and safety regulations which are enforced to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities that occur in industries such as construction.

Health and safety courses are available which offer businesses the chance to learn and maintain the skills and knowledge needed to retain a high standard of health and safety. These health and safety training courses are designed specifically to support different individuals in a business such as managers and supervisors, to help them understand the importance of following health and safety procedures.

Health and Safety Courses Designed Around You

Often individuals blame their lack of health and safety knowledge and training on an inability to fit adequate training into their busy work schedule. However, this is not a valid excuse and the Health and Safety Executive will penalise anyone who ignores safety regulations. Therefore it is imperative that you research the courses which are available to you and that you find time to complete the relevant training regarding health and safety.

Interestingly there are courses available which are designed specifically to fit around a busy work schedule to enable businesses to train their staff without losing time or money.

Respected course providers offer NEBOSH courses in the form of e-learning and distance learning which are flexible and give you control over the speed and progression of your own learning. Through interactive and online methods and options, these courses allow you to learn at your own pace and they record your progress, offering you feedback and guidance to support your learning.

Health and safety is a vital component of any business and therefore it is imperative that you and your colleagues all have the relevant training. NEBOSH e-learning and distance learning allows you to fit this necessary training around your busy work schedule.

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