The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC)

The importance of health and safety training in the workplace cannot be understated. Not only is it crucial to cut down on the risk of expensive accidents and litigation, proper health and safety training can save employees from serious injury and even fatal incidents. Health and Safety training is the responsibility of supervisors, managers and other decision makers who can influence practices from the top down.

Internationally Recognised Qualification

The NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) is a qualification which is recognised around the world and is issued by an independent assessment board which has over 25 years of experience.

This important course provides a foundation of knowledge in occupational health and safety so that those who study it can manage risk more effectively. The NEBOSH International General Certificate is based on international health and safety standards so it is suitable for any industry, anywhere in the world.

Who Should be Present?

The NEBOSH IGC is designed for any supervisors or managers who are required to have a knowledgeable grasp of health and safety regulations and exercises. The participants in this training are usually employees of large organisations which operate outside of the UK. This course is designed to fit any sector and any organisation.

Multinational companies which already comply with international standards yet need to be aware of local practices as well might want to consider taking the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety. The NEBOSH IGC is also a smart choice for anyone who is considering pursuing a profession in health and safety, as it provides the necessary qualifications for progressing to the NEBOSH International Diploma.

The course is also a pre-requisite for the NEBOSH International Technical Oil & Gas Certificate course and the content of this course can help to increase your marks on these courses by up to 25%.

What Does the NEBOSH IGC Course Cover?

The NEBOSH IGC covers several important health and safety topics. The course will first cover the foundations in health and safety including organising, policy, planning and reviewing. It will also discuss the movement of people and vehicles, the handling of mechanical equipment and proper techniques for working with electrical equipment. The course will also address the hazards of working with fire and with chemicals, ensuring that these dangerous work environments are deal with safely.

The NEBOSH IGC course will also cover any other work environments and situations which could potentially place workers in physical or psychological danger and the appropriate health and safety techniques that should be followed. The course will aim to cover all of the major health and safety issues and provide all participants with the appropriate knowledge and practical experience that is needed to manage all important issues within the workplace.

In order to pass the course, participants must take a two hour written exam as well as perform a practical assessment. The paper consists of one long answer question and ten short answer questions, which are all compulsory. The practical part of the examination will include carrying out a risk assessment of a workplace and then preparing a report afterwards.

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