Health and Safety at Work with NEBOSH

Occupational health and safety training is a must for all companies and organisations. There are many skills and methods which must be used in order to help to reduce all the risks to your employees health and safety. By law as an employer it is your duty to do everything that is practicable to manage and reduce those risks, and therefore training is a must both for owners, their managers, supervisors and all employees. NEBOSH offer many courses which can help ensure your company is compliant with the latest laws and regulations.

Training Everyone That Works for Your Company

The great thing about the NEBOSH Award in Health and Safety at Work course is that it is perfectly suited to all new employees that have a responsibility to understand their duties in health and safety within your organisation. This may be your team leaders and supervisors, those working in human resources and managers. You can also choose this course to educate employees who need to train young people.

The NEBOSH Award in Health and safety at work covers basic health and safety practices such as risk assessments. Risk assessments are a legal necessity as they can be used to make employers and those working for the company aware of all of the risks and hazards they are presented with when performing certain duties. Risk assessments are used to spot the risks and to create safe control measures and methods of work, and therefore can be used to prevent accidents and incidents for occurring which is why they are so important.

Give Your Employees a Qualification to Benefit You Both

The course also gives information on some of the most common occupational work hazards such as manual handling, electrics, fire and transport. Once the three day course comes to an end the candidates are tested using multiple choice question assessments and a practical risk assessment test. Therefore all candidates must be able to read and write English at a respectable level. The certificate is awarded to anyone who passes both of the assessments. Employers may also be interested to know that the Health and Safety at Work course by NEBOSH can be used as the perfect spring board to higher education opportunities in health and safety.

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