Start Your New Career as a Child Minder

With the job market looking bleak right now many people are looking at new ways of making a living. Becoming your own boss is one of the ways to stay ahead; bring in an income and to make a positive move forward in this tough economic climate.

One of the excellent careers to consider is child minding. With some training in childcare skills and by attending a first aid course you can transform your home into a fantastic place for busy mums and dads to leave their children.

In England it is necessary for anyone looking to become a child minder to sit a childcare course. First aid plays an important role in setting up a child care service. By law it is essential to have received some basic training. The training has to last at least 12 hours in total and cover the following basics:

  • How to perform resuscitation techniques on children and babies
  • How to create reports documenting any accidents and incidents correctly
  • The items required to be included in a first aid kit for infants and children

It is also necessary that all child-minders working within England and Wales have a certificate to show they have received the right kind of first aid training and that the certificate is updated frequently.

A Suitable First Aid Course for Your New Business

The First Aid for Child Carers course has been designed to meet the demands of the Government. On the course candidates are taught the necessary requirements, and further training is provided over 12 hours. During the two days the tutors will cover the required resuscitation techniques and you will have to perform them to show you are capable. You will also look into the different types of accidents, how to cope with an unconscious child, what you need in your first aid kit, burns and scolds and more.

The course has been fully recognised by the National Child Minders Association as well as the Pre- School Learning Association. However you don't have to be registered with the associations in order to enrol.

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