What Health & Safety Courses Can I Learn at Home?

Not everyone has time to dedicate to weeks worth of health and safety training. Sometimes it can be impossible to even get one day off. So what are your choices when it comes to expanding your qualifications and improving your chances of gaining a new job or promotion? Well you have a couple of choices:

  • Ask your employer to provide the training for you. Let them know that they will benefit greatly by improving your health and safety qualifications. It helps them to show compliance with health and safety legislation and also ensures that they have an educated employee that could help to run the safety on site more effectively.
  • Choose a course that is flexible and will allow you to work on the syllabus independently yet still with tutor support.

Take Your Career into Your Own Hands

Not all employers will want to invest in any health, safety and care training that may not be immediately required. Providing they have provided the level of training you require, and taught you how to do your job they may prove to be reluctant to provide anything more. When that happens you can take your career into your own hands and look for a course to complete outside working hours. These are mainly available through distance learning or e-learning.

There are numerous options available to you, and they can all be studied at times to suit you. Perhaps you could learn in the evenings, or dedicate your weekends to study. Providing you complete the syllabus and sit the assessments you will be awarded with a qualification that could be used to improve your CV and employability.

E-learning still often provides you with the support of a tutor. You can contact them in a variety of ways and they will answer any questions you may have regarding the course materials or assessments.

Some Courses to Learn at Home


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