What to Consider When Choosing an IOSH Course

Health and safety training is absolutely essential for your business, as it will not only ensure that you are protected when a lawsuit comes against you but it will also ensure that your workforce is productive, healthy, safe and happy. You have a duty to protect your employees and give them the training and information that they need to do their jobs safely.

The range of IOSH courses, accredited by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, offers training to operators, supervisors and management. These courses focus on practical learning and the crucial skills that participants need to have so that they can perform their day to day work tasks safely. When it comes to choosing the right IOSH course for your needs, here are some important considerations that you will need to make.

Who Are IOSH Courses Suitable For?

Think about who will be taking the course – are they managers, workers, senior executives or directors? There are several different IOSH courses and they are tailored toward multiple levels within the industry. For example, a course designed for workers will teach about safe working methods while a course for managers will focus more on how to supervise the workforce and ensure that these methods are being carried out. Make sure that you are choosing the right IOSH course for your particular role.

Should You Learn Online or In Person?

Another factor to consider when choosing an IOSH course is whether you want to study online or take the course in person. There are many options available for in person courses at venues all throughout the UK, offered by leading IOSH training providers. Sometimes learning in a classroom can be helpful, because you can also learn from the other students and do group work together. However, learning online has advantages too. You can fit the course around your schedule and make obtaining your qualification so much more convenient.

Which Provider to Choose?

When looking for an IOSH course provider, what should you keep in mind? Look for a provider whose work has been approved or accredited by an official body such as a trade union. You can also look for recommendations from others in your industry. Ask them which health and safety training course provider they used in the past and whether they were happy with the service that they received.

Consider the Timescale

Is the course offered over a one-week period, or split into sessions over several weeks? How do the dates match up with other commitments that you might have? It is important to ensure that your IOSH course fits with your schedule, so that you can attend all of the classes without conflicts or inconvenience.

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