Will You Be Serving Alcohol?

Will You be Serving Alcohol on Your Premises?

If you are planning an event or a party for Christmas and want to sell alcohol you will need to have the proper license. In England and Wales anyone that wishes to sell alcohol will need to have attended a suitable course that is accepted by the authorities. Without attending the appropriate APLH course it is impossible to acquire the license you need to sell alcohol.

A Recognised Qualification

The Award for Personal License Holders (APLH) is a recognised course that will help you not only to gain the license but also with the process of applying. By showing your qualification you can stand a much better chance of being awarded with the license you need to start selling alcohol or authorising others to sell to the public.

What is Covered on the Training?

The Award for Personal License Holders (APLH) will teach you all sorts of skills that come in handy when you start selling alcoholic beverages. These skills include:

  • Premises License
  • Personal Licences & Club Premises Certificates
  • Dealing With Licensing Authorities
  • Types of Business Selling Alcohol
  • Representation & Mandatory Conditions
  • Licensing Authority Powers
  • Children & Under 18s
  • Responsibility in Alcohol Retailing

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