Importance of Food Safety & Alcohol Licensing

If you work in the food and beverage industry, you probably know how incredibly important it is to have the correct food hygiene training and alcohol licensing for your business. A restaurant, bar, café or other food and alcohol service location needs to ensure that all employees are fully trained and certified, so that they can offer food and drink correctly and safely.

Food safety training is important for a number of reasons, especially since handling food and alcohol improperly can cause customers to become ill. We offer a range of food safety training courses that will instruct employees on how to safely work in the food and alcohol industry. These courses will also ensure that your staff members are well trained, so that you can operate your business correctly and follow the correct regulations.

Benefits of Food Safety Training

Training is legally required for any businesses that serve food to the public. However, this type of training should be completed not just for legal reasons, but because of the many benefits that it will provide. Here are some of the reasons why food safety training is so advantageous:

Limiting the Risk of Illness

Understanding how to handle food safely is very important because it limits the risk of people becoming sick with food borne illnesses because of cross contamination for example. This is especially important when working with egg products and raw meat. There are a number of illnesses which can result from the improper handling of these products, including trichinosis and salmonella. Some of these food related diseases are very serious and even life threatening, so this is why proper food safety training is so crucial.

Passing Inspections and Tests

Restaurants and other food establishments are subject to frequent checks by health inspectors in order to make sure that they are following the correct regulations. If a restaurant doesn’t pass these inspections it will not only suffer from a tarnished reputation, it will also risk getting forcibly shut down.

Spoilage and Food Waste

Not only is it a serious health risk not to follow food safety procedures, it will also have a negative impact on your profits because it will result in a great deal of lost food due to spoilage. It is important to keep perishable goods refrigerated at a certain temperature and foods that are taken off the stove need to be brought down from 140 degrees to 40 degrees within 4 fours in order to be safe for consumption later on. Knowing these regulations is very important when it comes to operating an efficient and safe kitchen.

Better Kitchen Management

Proper food handling procedures are also important for helping you to run your kitchen smoothly in an organised state. When you use these safe practices you will waste less food, create better meals and be much better at monitoring your kitchen. This will allow you to have fewer problems in the kitchen, so that you can focus on promoting your restaurant and satisfying your customers.

These are just a few of the reasons why food safety training is absolutely essential. To find out more about the courses that we have to offer, you can feel free to contact us today.

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