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Gain a National Vocational Qualification in Construction

Construction NVQ qualifications are nationally recognised vocational qualifications that are specifically designed for the construction industry. The qualifications are available at three levels – Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced – and cover a wide range of construction-related topics.

The construction NVQ qualifications offered are widely recognised by employers in the construction industry and can lead to improved career prospects and increased earnings potential. They are also an excellent way of demonstrating your commitment to your chosen career.

Thousands of site managers rely on NVQs to make hiring decisions. Unlike academic qualifications, most construction NVQs do not require studying for an examination at the end. However, some training providers require that you complete a few written questions as part of the pre-enrolment assessment process.

You don’t need to be an academic, the NVQ provides access to recognised construction qualifications, even to those who haven’t completed any other form of formal education.

Complete Your Construction NVQ While on the Job!

Construction NVQ qualifications are work-based and are therefore completed while on the job and therefore your employer wont need to work around your studying.

Available Construction NVQs

Level 7

Level 6

Level 4

Level 3

Level 2

Apply for CSCS Card Using Your Construction NVQ

The Construction Skill Certification Skills Scheme (CSCS) is the foremost body of its type in the United Kingdom. They keep a database of skilled workers in the United Kingdom. CSCS cards are a system of colour-coded identity cards, they signify that you’re qualified to do your job.

Once you’ve gained a Construction NVQ qualification, you will be able to apply for the relevant CSCS card. If you’re in the process of earning your first NVQ, you’ll be able to apply for a red ‘trainee’ CSCS card, provided that you’ve enrolled on the course in question and that you’ve completed a small Health, Safety and Environment Test. These last for 5 years, which provides more than enough time to complete an NVQ from start to finish.

Much like the NVQ itself, CSCS cards are a widely-recognised standard within the construction industry. It is not a legal requirement to hold a CSCS card, however if you’re going to work on a construction site, most contractors and major builders consider them a requirement.

NVQ Assessment Visits

An on-site assessment will be required, the extent of this will depend on the level of the construction qualification you have chosen. Lower-level courses involve simpler skills, which can be assessed quickly. Advanced NVQ construction qualifications where students are expected to perform more complex tasks and make judgements will require more time to assess.

Your NVQ assessor will typically visit several times toward the end of the qualification – these will be pre-arranged visits. Assessment dates will be arranged to suit both you and your employer. The entire assessment process rarely takes longer than ten weeks and, in most cases, much less.

Submit Evidence Electronically

Evidence of your NVQ assessment may be submitted electronically.


Different construction NVQs will require different levels of independent study. Lower-level NVQs will not require anything other than turning up to work and doing your job. On the other hand, if you’re doing a higher-level NVQ qualification that involves managing and other more theoretical skills, you’ll need to set aside some time at home on an evening or over a weekend for study and revision.

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