Is Training the Right Option?

There are times when training isn't really about choice; it's about complying with the law. If you are an employer, a supervisor or a manager within the construction industry you need to be trained and provide training to ensure your site and employees are not put at risk. Health and safety courses therefore become a necessity rather than an option. The construction industry is considered to be a high risk industry when it comes to hazards faced by workers. It is easy to become lazy when performing the same tasks day in and day out, and laziness leads to accidents. To ensure you and your employees are kept safe a lot of focus has to be put on the health and safety of the site, and training can help.

Pick the Right Health & Safety Course

There are several excellent health and safety training options open for those working within the industry. Choosing the right one will depend upon your previous training and experience and the level of responsibility you hold within the company.

If you are an owner or a manager the SMSTS is an excellent choice. You will learn all of your responsibilities and the laws and regulations that must be complied with the prevent prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive. Supervisors are recommended to attend the SSSTS, a course that is specifically designed for those who must be competent and aware of the importance of health and safety on site.

An alternative course to consider is the NEBOSH Construction Certificate. The course can be completed through distance learning or in a typical classroom setting. Many excellent and necessary topics are covered such as the principles of regulation and risk assessments. You can also learn about how to review and monitor performance and how to promote a strong health and safety ethos with your co-workers.

Never Ignore the Importance of Health & Safety Training

Slacking on training can put your workforce in extreme danger and result in large fines for your firm. To avoid these problems the questions should never be whether training is required; it needs to be which course is suitable.

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