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NEBOSH – The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health – is a UK based examination board that focuses on qualifications in the area of Health & Safety, Environmental Safety and management of wellbeing. Since 2000 the organisation has been recognised by the UK’s examination regulator Ofqual as an awarding body, giving NEBOSH courses a highly respected status both nationally and internationally. Occupational safety regulation within the UK has a long history and NEBOSH has links to other organisations that have been crucial in developing workplace safety practices and legislation.

NEBOSH’s origins can be traced back to 1974 and the enactment of the Health & Safety Act. The need for vocational qualifications within the Health & Safety field was recognised as part of a growing industry in safety that developed as a result of increased workplace safety legislation. New roles including health and safety officers and managers were rapidly developing, and their remit widening, meaning that the need for industry standard qualifications for these and similar positions soon became apparent.

In 1979 the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) established NEBOSH to meet the growing demand for standardised qualifications in the field. NEBOSH became independent of the IOSH in 1992 and established itself as a charity.

By becoming independent and gaining recognition as a vocational qualification awarding body, NEBOSH has been able to establish itself as a leading educational institution. It has also retained links with leading legislative branches within the Health & Safety departments of government. Today NEBOSH has strong links with UK government departments and with other occupational health and safety bodies, including IOSH and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, whilst its independent status allows it to offer impartial advice, services and awards to training organisations both in the UK and increasingly across the world.

The first NEBOSH qualifications were awarded in 1979 and since that time over 400, 000 qualifications have been awarded to people from across the world and in a very wide range of industries. Over the last forty years the range of qualifications available from NEBOSH has developed and the organisation now lists a comprehensive portfolio of qualifications. Moving with the times has been a key part of the organisation’s mission and NEBOSH continues to develop new awards as new industries develop, also offering a wide range of qualifications remotely to suit a new learning environment in the connected world.

NEBOSH courses is available for just about anybody in any organisation and the courses are structured into various levels to allow for progression within the area of Occupation Health and safety. NEBOSH courses at a basic level are introductory and designed to be accessible to every individual.

Who Should Take a NEBOSH Course?

The short answer to who should take a NEBOSH online course is ‘everyone’. However, NEBOSH provides an extensive range of qualifications and these suit people at different levels within a company and in different industries. Entry level NEBOSH courses are suitable for all employees and form a great basis for those with management responsibilities. Award level courses are also suitable for most employees and these can also provide an introduction to the higher-level qualifications.

Those higher NEBOSH qualifications are suitable for managers and team leaders in most companies and NEBOSH provides specific courses relevant to the construction industries as well, at management level. The higher-level qualifications include certificate level, beyond this the diploma and masters levels are most suited to professionals working within the Occupational Health and Safety Industry itself.

Why Choose NEBOSH Training?

In the UK alone over one hundred people are killed at work every year. Globally this figure is much higher. The importance of health and safety in the workplace has been recognised for many years and in some parts of the world the focus on the importance of the issues around work place safety is more advanced than others.

The UK has for many years led in this area and NEBOSH is the result of over forty years of growing emphasis on occupational health and safety in the UK. Preventing illness, injury and worse in the workplace makes sense to any organisation, whatever the size. Apart from potentially damaging incidents to infrastructure, a good Health and Safety record is essential for any firm.

A high incident rate will impact negatively on productivity

Productivity is negatively impacted by high incidence of illness or injury and a firm’s reputation can be damaged by poor practices. Nearly two million people in the UK last year suffered from work relates illnesses. Thousands of mesothelioma deaths as a result of asbestos. According to one industry nearly 700,000 workers get an injury in the work place per year. All of this resulting in 40 million work days lost due to injuries and illnesses and £16 billion in costs from these injuries and from bad working conditions.

Environmental Awareness & Management

Its not just workplace safety that needs to be assessed and thought of, the environment is another important area to be trained in and to be able to effectively assess hazards is vital to a modern business and it has never been more important to help prevent climate disaster. Effective training for employees at all levels can have a huge impact on both safety and productivity and ensuring that your workforce have access to the best health and safety qualifications available is a priority whatever field you work in, a safe work force is a motivated work force.

Mental Health & Well-being

Mental health is also a big consideration especially in high stress environments, being trained and up to date on how to help employees is also a big part of looking after their safety and also means less days off work. Sectors like finance are notoriously high stress environments. Making sure people in the business have their say also helps to reduce accidents and injuries in the workplace even more so if these people have been trained and taken the appropriate NEBOSH online training courses.

Basic NEBOSH Qualifications

The most basic NEBOSH qualification is aimed at anybody in any industry. Known as ‘NEBOSH Award in Health & Safety at Work’ the course covers the principles of health and safety rather than specific law, focusing on common workplace hazards and how to identify and control them. This qualification is particularly relevant for team leaders, supervisors, facilities managers and anyone wishing to ensure they work safely.

NEBOSH Award Level Qualifications

NEBOSH Awards focus on general principles of health and safety, looking at both the principles and the practical application of safety procedures. Award level NEBOSH courses are designed as a foundation for more advanced courses – NEBOSH certificates, Diplomas and Masters. Again the course is designed to be relevant to workers in any industry and the principles it explore are relevant globally.

At Award level NEBOSH offer tailored courses that are relevant to specific industries, creating the most relevant learning experience for individuals. Award level qualifications include;

NEBOSH Certificate Level Qualifications

NEBOSH Certificate level qualifications are aimed at professionals across industry, at management and supervisory level. They are also beginner qualifications that are suitable for those beginning a career in Health and Safety itself. Courses include:

Occupational Health and Safety

Construction Safety

Fire Safety & Risk Management

Environmental Management

Aimed at management, the NEBOSH certificate level qualification will teach you how to manage health and safety, identify common hazards and to put in place measure to reduce risk in the workplace. Legal obligations are also covered at certificate level. 

NEBOSH Diploma Level Qualifications

The NEBOSH Diploma online course is aimed at professionals who work within the Health and Safety field itself. Diplomas are currently offered with a National or International option. These are:

Occupational Health and Safety

Environmental Management

NEBOSH Masters

The highest qualification offered by NEBOSH, in conjunction with the University of Hull, the Masters programme is a post-graduate qualification for Health and Safety professionals who wish to further their knowledge and their career. There are three MSc (Master of Science) degrees available and three MRes (Master of Research) options. The options in both are; Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management, Health and Safety Management and Environmental Management. The master’s qualification also provides a sound basis for further doctoral qualifications.

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